Spider Farmer GreenGlow 100W LED Grow Light For Veg And Seeding


The SF-Glow LED grow light is designed specifically for seedlings, clones, vegetable propagation, and indoor tropical plant cultivation, providing wide coverage and low power consumption. It promotes and enhances photosynthesis and chlorophyll absorption. It features a full-spectrum design using Osram chips and has an IP65 waterproof rating. The light panel is equipped with a special transparent waterproof lampshade to protect the LED bulbs and circuit from moisture, ensuring it can operate effectively in humid environments without shortening its lifespan. The SF-Glow offers high-quality light for vegetables, promoting healthy plant growth.

Wattage – 100W (25W Each Light Bar; 4 pcs)
Light size: 1.98ft*0.15ft*0.1ft (1PCS)

SF-Glow User Manual 

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2ftX4ft 3ftX4ft 48”X24”X71”/55”x28”x80” 4-inch fan
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Energy-efficient: It can deliver high light intensity while consuming less energy, resulting in reduced electricity expenses.
Minimal heat emission: In contrast to conventional fluorescent tubes, LED tubes generate significantly less heat, which helps in regulating indoor temperatures.
Sleek and space-saving design: making them easier to install on plant cultivation racks or within planting boxes.
Daisy Chain Methods: There are two series of connection methods for light strips to meet different customer requirements for coverage area, A: use 4 strips; B: From 4 strips to 2 strips( User Manual)
Timer function: Customers can set the working time of the vegetable light strip with four options – 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 18 hours, allowing for customized light schedules to meet various lighting duration needs.
Dimming function: There are four dimming levels available – 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Customers can adjust the light intensity according to the specific requirements of their plants.

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