Spider Farmer SF4000 Led Grow Light 450W | For 5x5ft (150x150cm)


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LM301B diodes      Full Spectrum  + IR      Dimming Daisy Chain   

Wattage: 450W

Veg Coverage:5x5ft (150x150cm)

Flower Coverage:4x4ft(120x120cm)

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Top Features

  • Aluminum Heat Sink: Aluminium material, has excellent thermal conductivity properties, which allow quick heat dissipation and also help increase the intensity of light up to 20%.
  • Full Spectrum: With the full-spectrum white light, consisting of the color temperatures:660-665nm,3000K,5000K, IR 760nm. It ensures that your plants get nourished just the way they would have under natural sunlight.
  • Dimming Daisy Chain: With Dimmer knob, can connect several lights together. Easy to control ON/OFF and light intensity through one main light, convenience for commercial grow.
  • Cost-effective & High-Quality Yields: SPIDER FARMER LED Grow Light utilize the latest in high yielding LEDs technology today-Samsung LM301B diodes, high Energy Efficiency with 2.7 umol/J, create better canopy light penetration. SF4000 only consumes 450w, running 50% less power than the HPS or Blurple lamps, and still was 50% more harvest. The veg footprint is 150x150cm, Flowering footprint is 120x120cm.

spider farmer sf4000 450w led grow light Coverage of SF 4000 LED

Multi-light Dimming daisy chain review of SF4000 led grow share of sf4000 led Samsung LM301B-SF4000


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13 reviews for Spider Farmer SF4000 Led Grow Light 450W | For 5x5ft (150x150cm)

  1. KuklysKarolis

    This is perfect for my 4×4 tent with tomatoes and jalapenos. It’s been a month now and production has been great. It keeps the tent around 80 degrees during the day which is a pleasant surprise.

  2. SchmitzSarah

    I’m running at 80% and the parameters are great! There are a lot of great values out there and this is one of them! Always get great yields and hard buds

  3. Charles

    I am already trying to get another one. The plants are in love and so am I

  4. Customer

    Great quality light very bright with low heat output. Plants love them. I¡¯ve bought several in the last couple years. One was having issues after 2 1/2 years of using it, got a hold of the company they fixed it and payed for return shipping. They¡¯re awesome

  5. Ruby

    Week 3. Great light will buy another one dimmer works great plants love it

  6. Dave

    great light,had no issues at all turned on,every led is lit correct,pulled my first harvest,best bang for your buck,emma great customer service

  7. Jason C.

    So far pretty soild set up . Bright as hell for sure nice you can dim it to figure out the power . Definitely adding some heat though so watch out for that . Excited to see it in a few months what happens

  8. Javier G.

    Light is awesome my tomatoes and peepers love it. Make sure you have good exhaust and fan blowing on drivers you will be happy from this purchase

  9. David B.

    After running a 1000 watt HPS for 20 years, I finally went LED for flower. This light is wayyy brighter than my 1000 watt and only running 450 watts. The plants grow much more vigorous. Healthy and happy plants. Def recommend the lights.

  10. Mark

    Well here’s the thing there’s yellowish smudges underneath on the light like the light is burning it or something idk and there’s a sticker on here with a arrow that just notice pointing at one of the small lights square s and it’s broken so for 600$ this was definitely not worth it it should not have those kinda of issues only used it this one time for 2 months

  11. Chris B.

    Everything went smooth with the order, within days I had my lights, couldn??t be happier, thank you

  12. edwin uleski

    Great product, high quality, and long lasting! Don¡¯t question yourself..this is the light to buy.

  13. Faruk

    Accurate, Fast Handaling, good price

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