Bloom Plus BP4000 LED Grow Light 400W | For 5 x 5 ft


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10 reviews for Bloom Plus BP4000 LED Grow Light 400W | For 5 x 5 ft

  1. Craig

    Replaced my 600 hps with this bp4000 and could not be happier.power consumption is almost nothing and this light in my 4 by 4 tent is bright as and plants love it so far it is Rockin 4 plants in 5 g dwc grow.cant wait to share pics of final product and perhaps a vid before chop day.cheers and thanks for the great light at at a great price.have recommended this light and this shop directly to many mates so far also.keep up the great work.will definitely buy again

  2. Craig

    Awesome light,changed how I grow lowered my electricity bill and produced more quality buds

  3. Chris F

    My local University horticulture professor says 4k lights are important, so I don’t understand why this light doesn’t include 4k? The Spyder brand only gets to 3.8k, but in general , it has been very hard to find 4k lights.


    It¡¯s very bright and plants react very well, they do get hot but at first I purchase one too big for my growing space. I am happy with the purchase

  5. Johnny R.

    I??m on a budget, I really appreciate this light for the cost. Just put into action, expecting great things from this light. ???

  6. John evans

    5stars for sure. Great light. Fast shipping and great quality. Works perfectly in my 5×5. Love these new white lights better than the pinks. Only benn up a week and wow what a difference it makes. Will be purchasing more in the near future

  7. Sz

    Replaced my 1000 watt HPS no complaints. Substantial decrease in ambient temperature.

  8. Cassimere

    I’ve been using bloom plus for over a year now and the Bp3000 and bp4000 are work horses!!!!!! Excellent lights and are priced better then most companies!!!! I highly recommend bloom plus!!!!

  9. AberleScott

    Comparable to the ts3000. bp4000 is about $50 cheaper but slightly less bright than the ts3000. however, for me, the bp4000 has a more desirable light dispersion, while I find the ts3000 has a large hot spot in the center.

  10. Brandon H.

    This light changed my whole tent , plants luv it so much! Very impressed with the bigger board I have a bp3000 I use for veg, this 4000 is rockn great for flower

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