Mars Hydro SP3000 Led Grow Light 300W | For 5x3ft (150x90cm)


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SP3000 is a large single strip LED grow light fitted with high-quality Samsung LM301B chips and a broad spectrum of boosted red light. Equipped with high penetration and minimum obstruction of natural sunlight, It’s highly recommended as supplemental or major lighting for greenhouses.

Wattage – 300w

Veg Coverage – 3×5 ft

Flower Coverage – 2×4 ft


Featuring a thick aluminum passive heat sink and densely arranged chips, the SP Series provides high efficacy but low heat output while minimizing obstruction to natural light.

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High Efficiency LED Grow Lights: 960 Samsung LM301B diodes and 300w power input make the SP3000 the superior high-efficiency LED grow lights, saving 25% of power and increasing light intensity by 30% over the HPS.

Leading Efficacy And Good Penetration In Industry: Output 824umol/S PPF in total, SP3000 provides industry-leading efficacy of 2.8 umol/j and amazing light penetration, extending light to the base of plants, increasing your yields to an incredible 2.5 g/w on average while not burning the growing head of high-wire crops.

Substantial Red Spectrum: Abundant red light interacting with 660nm dark red light in spectra contributes to flower forming and dense buds creating. SP3000 has the highest ratio of red light among Mars Hydro LED grow lights.

Dimmable And Daisy Chain Available: 0-100% light intensity dimming range and up to 30 lights able to be connected, which makes it much more convenient for growers to arrange their cultivation conditions.

Well-certificated And Warranty-Guaranteed: CE, ETL, RoHS, UKCA, and most important, DLC safety certification approved, 50,000-hour lifespan, 5-year warranty commitment, convenient local after-sales service.

Optimal Thermal Control: A thick finned aluminum heat sink dissipates thermal waste quickly making you free from the worry of heating crops.

Popular Commercial LED Grow Lights: SP3000 is well received among indoor cultivators and highly recommended to greenhouse operators. It runs on 120VAC, 240VAC as well as 277VAC. With a slim profile, SP3000 and its power supply can fit neatly under trusses to prevent the loss of natural light.

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6 reviews for Mars Hydro SP3000 Led Grow Light 300W | For 5x3ft (150x90cm)

  1. barry

    very impressed, first time grower and am very pleased with results. lights run WAY cooler than I expected. Thanks

  2. Darin C.

    Very easy to put great light. Light came right on time

  3. Kris D.

    I made a mistake of buying bestva lights. I saw a few videos on you tube and decided to try this one. I am not disappointed. It out performs the other light hands down. I wish I would have found it sooner.

  4. Peter

    runs hot so take care to ventilate well, it pulls 223 watts at the wall, and appears to be better than what can be put together with the same money building a quantum board set-up
    if you need the added spectrum offered here over the new R2 spec quantum boards, and I do, I would consider this light

  5. kevin

    Great light. Having a Maxwell driver on it is incredible. Having it removable and wall mountable helps drop your temp in your tent a lot. Will be a highly effective light once it comes to summer time.

  6. sam

    Super easy to set up! Amazing how bright it is.

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