Mars Hydro TSW2000 Full Spectrum 300W Dimming LED Grow Light | For 4x4ft (120x120cm)


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Low Energy Consumption LED Grow Light:

Consuming 300w and mounted with 704 pcs chips, TSW2000 is able to replace a 400w HPS light while saving 25% electricity energy.

High Efficiency LED Grow Light:

With total light output PPF 716umol/S and leading PPE 2.6umol/j, it’s 50% more photon efficient and can promise a 30% more yield compared to the old HPS/MH lights.

Patent Highly Reflective Hood Design:

The reflector design on TSW2000 has been patented, which can effectively collect the light dispersed in all directions to improve its light utilization and help plants obtain more light absorption.

Full Spectrum Plant-Preferred Spectra:

By the special combination of spectra that emits most light in the 400-700nm waveband, is extremely conducive to plant photosynthesis. Adequate IR(730-740nm) is also included in the spectrum to induce bigger buds.

Dimming And Daisy Chain Function Available:

With an independent dimming knob on the removable driver, supporting 0-100% brightness adjustment and up to 15 LEDs daisy-chained in series, it provides various light intensity for different plants stages and meanwhile saves energy.

Reliable Certifications And Warranty:

CE, ETL, RoHS, UKCA safety certifications approved, 50,000 hours longevity, 5-year warranty, and local after-sales service centers.

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14 reviews for Mars Hydro TSW2000 Full Spectrum 300W Dimming LED Grow Light | For 4x4ft (120x120cm)

  1. Grower B

    I had my doubts before ordering, but everything went super smooth! The light itself is probably the best in terms of price/quality for 100*100cm tent

  2. Ashley M.

    Hey i had an issue with my light reached to Emma threw email she solved my problem right away. Great customer service

  3. Crystal M.

    Great light for my grown tent. Some of the best customer service I’ve experienced in years, they responded promptly when a light driver failed, helped me diagnose the problem and sent out replacement parts that arrived well before I needed them.

  4. Donald W.

    Just started to use it, and so far it is making tomato plants grow way faster than just sitting in the window. Hoping for a great season.

  5. Miguel m.

    Quick delivery, light is great. Ill be buying another here soon

  6. Hobie H.

    I’ve had this light for a couple months now and I’m pretty impressed by the plants quick growth and bud quality. Nice long colas with solid buds because of the intensity and penetration of the light. I have and will continue to recommend the tsl2000 for a 2×4 grow tent

  7. scott

    I love the lights , I bought four. Zero issues. They work great.

  8. Ryan

    3 weeks flower under Mars Hydro tsw 2000, plants love it.

  9. autumn j.

    The light is excellent for all veg stages of growth. Low power consumption with high PAR value is hard to come by but this light pulled it off. Had an issue with a driver for one side. Janet from Mars Hydro went out of there way to make it right. The customer service after sale is everything I would hope for from a company.

  10. Don R.

    I have had a lot of different types of lights Im Telling you Mars hydro is
    got this thing down.

  11. LORENZO B.

    Good replacement for my 4 foot 8bulb T5 fluorescent light that malfunctioned. Could have sworn I saw a video or an image indicating that the TS2000 came with 2 separate dimmers, one for each side. That influenced my decision to get this over some other options. Unfortunately, there is only one dimmer for the entire light. Oh well.

  12. Bruno G.

    J’avais utilis¨¦ une lampe d’un autre fabricant pour d’autres cultures et j’en ¨¦tais insatisfait. Apr¨¨s ¨ºtre pass¨¦ ¨¤ la Mars tsa2000, mes fleurs ont augment¨¦ en taille et en fermet¨¦. Tr¨¨s heureux.

  13. Tiago R.

    Everything better than expected. Zero noise and fast ship

  14. Carl

    Plug in and it works.Everything seems to be a pretty high quality.The Board is absolute silent +++.The Diodes are really bright

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2. I got the old version light, and now I want a dimmer box and daisy chain, how can I do it?

-The old version and the new version are very different in internal structure, so it can’t just add a dimmer knob to realize the functions. Now only our TSW2000 & TSL2000 can have this function by replacing it with a new driver. The whole driver set would cost 100-150 USD. So we would not recommend customers to buy it.

3. Could I add a blurple/red/HID light side by side mars hydro led light?

-Yes, this is helpful if you want more blue/red lights.

4. I have a business plan, where can I contact you guys?

-Pls contact us at, any business cooperation is welcomed!

5. Is the light comes with UK Plug? and is the product safe?

-Yes, Discreet packaging with UK Plug. -There is no need to worry about safety. We are an 11 year old plant light brand. We have obtained several international certifications. Safety USE ETL/UL/CE/RoHS Certification.