Mars Hydro TSL2000 Full Spectrum Dimmable 300w LED Grow Light | For 5x3ft (150x90cm)


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Core Coverage Max Coverage Recommended tent size Recommended fan size
2ftX2ft 3ftX3ft 27”X27”X63”/24”X24”X55” 4-inch fan
2ftX4ft 3ftX4ft 48”X24”X71”/55”x28”x80” 4-inch fan
3ftX3ft 4ftX4ft 2.9’x2.9’x5.9′/3.3’X3.3’X5.9′ 6-inch fan
4ftX4ft 5ftX5ft 4’x4’x6.5′ 6-inch fan
5ftX5ft 6ftX6ft 5’X5’X6.5′ 6-inch fan

●【Increase Yield&Crop Quality in LED Grow】newtest SMD LED technology makes you get 30% higher yield compare OLD led lights, can get up to 2.3g/watt yields.

●【 High-Efficiency Energy Saving Plant Light】only 300 watts true output with 704 PCS LEDs, more scientifically and energy-efficient! Perfect for 3′ x 5′ (90cmx150cm)’ Veg stage, 2′ x 4′ (60x120cm) Bloom stage, higher intensity in a MARS HYDRO grow tent.

●【Sunlike Full Spectrum LED Grow Light】infinite close to natural sunlight, suit for all plants whole stages indoor growing, rapid plant response from seed to flower, achieve maximum quality and quantity, much better than traditional HPS grow systems.

●【High Reflective&Noise Free-Fanless Quantum Light Boards design】quickly heat dispersing material aluminum reducing light lost to aisles and walls, increase the light intensity up to 20%, allowing your plants to receive more energy and without burning your plants for maximum headroom.

●【Commercial LED Grow Light】It can work on both 120VAC and 240VAC and 277VAC, also suit for Large Rooms and Commercial Setups; Dimmer on the power supply easily adjust brightness by yourself.

WEIGHT(KG) 3.561
WATTAGE 300W±5%@AC120V, 298W±5%@AC240V
PPE 2.6µmol/j
PPF 717umol/S
SPECTRUM 660-665nm 730-740nm 3000-3200K 6000-6500K
DIMENSION 1018*253.32*63.8mm
WARRANTY 5 years
RECOMMENDED LIGHT/TENT 2’x4′ tent/60’x120cm tent


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4 reviews for Mars Hydro TSL2000 Full Spectrum Dimmable 300w LED Grow Light | For 5x3ft (150x90cm)

  1. Joseph B.

    This light is brighter then what I expected. Bought 2 of these and highly recommended. Cant wait to see what happens during the flowering stages. Will continue to shop and thanks again. Very fast shipping too.

  2. Kevin P.

    Great service and fast shipping. They cannot be beat!

  3. Matthew Abraham

    Light output and spread are excellent. But the best feature is the tiny amount of heat this light generates!

  4. Casey

    So far great product.Will buy again

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