Mars Hydro Grow Tent Side Support Pole Kits 3’x3’ (100x100cm)


Growers using high CFM inline fans in grow tents may experience the problem of the tent being sucked inwards and the available growing area for the plants shrinking. This is because the inline fan is pulling a lot of air out, causing an imbalance of air pressure inside and outside the tent, and negative pressure inside the tent causing the canvas to bend inwards.

You can try to increase the air pressure inside the tents, but it’s not an economical idea. With the Mars Hydro High CFM Kit, the 4 poles help to keep the fabric in place, giving the plants more room to stretch.

Handy for installation.

1) Take out the poles and hooks;
2)   Pair the poles that have a hole at the end with the poles that have a small silver bulge at the end and snap them together to form one pole;
3)Every two hooks for each pole, install them on both ends. The openings of both hooks should face the same direction;
4)When you hear an audible “click” sound, the hooks are fully set;
5)Install each of the four poles in the middle of each side of the grow tent and it’ ‘s done.


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