Spider Farmer SF2000 LED Grow Light +4×2(140x70x200)Grow Tent Kits – Flash Sale


  • Easy to set up and easy to move around, very convenient for growing indoors.
  • Provide a controlled environment, easy to control and creat a health growing environment.
  • Grow anything you want
  • Plant your own garden

Spider Farmer SF2000 Full Grow Tent Kits

Spider Farmer SF2000 Full Grow Tent Kits Includes:

  • 1 × SF2000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • 1 × 60x120x180cm Grow Tent
  • 1 × 4” Inline Duct Fan
  • 1 × 4” Carbon filter
  • 1 × Flex Air Aluminum Ducting
  • 1 × Thermometer and Hygrometer
  • 1 × Timer
  • 4 × 5 Gallon Grow Bags
  • 1 × Trellis Plant Netting
  • 2 × Adjustable Rope Clip Hanger

Spider Farmer SF2000 Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Grow Light

ppfd value of SF2000 led


  • Energy efficiency (PAR/Watt): 2.7 umol/J
  • Maximum yield: 2.5g/W
  • Quantity of LEDs: 606pcs
  • Spectrum: 660nm, 3000K, 5000K and IR 760nm
  • Veg footprint: 90x120cm
  • Flowering footprint: 60x120cm
  • Lifespan: >50.000 hours
  • Dimensions:648*268*59MM
  • Net Weight: 6.76lbs
  • Input Voltage: AC100-277V
  • Amp: 1.67A @AC120V, 0.84A @AC240V, 0.73A @AC277V
  • Draw power: 202.3W±5% @AC120V, 196.7W±5% @AC240V, 196.6W±5% @AC277V


60x120x180cm Grow Tent

Spider Farmer Indoor Grow Tent

Grow Tent Ventilation System

Grow Your Own At Home





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