Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights

Are you considering a Spider Farmer LED grow light?

Spider Farmer is an professional LED grow light manufacturer currently offering four models of quantum board LED grow lights for use with indoor gardening.  The four quantum board LED grow light models currently offered by Spider Farmer are the SF 600, SF 1000, SF 2000, and SF 4000.

Sizes & Design:

There are four sizes available, as you can see in the images. The sizes are SF-600, SF-1000, SF-2000 and SF-4000:


 The SF-600 covers a small 1.5x1.5ft area. This light is good for seedlings or supplemental light.  



The SF-1000 covers a 2x2 ft area, which is sufficient for 1-3 plants.




The SF-2000 covers a 2x4 ft area. This size is sufficient for covering 2-4 plants.




The SF-4000 is the largest size and covers a 4x4 ft area. You can fit 4-6 plants in a 4x4 foot space depending on size of the plants.



Right out of the box this light looks and feels like it’s worth its weight. The metal frame is very sturdy. I turned the light on and I was almost blinded.

Came with YoYo hangers so you can accurately measure the distance between your light and your plants. It also comes with a pair of steel hanging kit.


Spider Farmer grow lights are a modern quantum board design. If you don’t know what quantum board grow lights are yet, there are a few features that distinguish them from more traditionally designed grow lights:

Energy Efficient

These grow lights are more energy efficient than traditional LED grow lights. That’s partially due to the fact they don’t use cooling fans. Another reason is the LEDs they used in these designs are newer versions of diodes compared to grow lights that were designed years earlier but are still for sale today.

Spider Farmer’s 2.7umol/j is at the very high end of efficiency 

Power efficiency: 2.7 umol/j

SF 600 consumes ~85 watts

SF 1000 consumes ~100 watts

SF 2000 consumes ~200 watts

SF 4000 consumes ~450 watts


Fanless design

Quantum board LED grow lights are designed to dissipate heat efficiently, and therefore don’t utilize cooling fans. With that said, tests of quantum board grow lights like Spider Farmer grow lights have shown that they still generate heat.

Depending on your growing environment, you may want to still consider purchasing a space fan. During the winter months when your room is colder, the moderate heat coming from the Spider Farmer grow light may help maintain temperatures in your grow space. But during the summer months you may choose to use a space fan if things get too warm.

Uniform Light Coverage


Spider Farmer Grow Light suggestion Hang Height :







22-24 in.

28 in.

30 in.

30-32 in.


14-18 in.

16-18 in.

24 in.

26-28 in.


12-14 in.

10-12 in.

16-18 in.

18 in.


Light Spectrum Information:


The spectrum included with Spider Farmer lights is exactly what you want and need for growing indoor, or other types of plants. It consists of 3000K white, 5000K white, 660nm Red, and 760nm Infrared diodes. All together they make up a nice full spectrum white light.

Spider Farmer lights feature a dimmable Mean Well driver. The dimmer is a bit of a pain to adjust since it’s located on the underside of the driver. You need to unscrew the Mean Well driver from the LED board so you can access the under side of the driver where the dimmer is located.

With that said, you won’t need to adjust the intensity very often. Once during seedling phase of growth and then back to full power for vegetative and flowering phases of growth.

Full Specifications Table:


SF 600

SF 1000

SF 2000

SF 4000








11.2” x 9.6” x 2”

11.8” x 10.5” x 2.3”

25.5” x 10.5” x 2.3”

25.3” x 21.1” x 2.3”







1.5x1.5 feet

2x2 feet

2x4 feet

4x4 feet

Watts Consumed:





Light Intensity:

Up to 400 @ 18" height

Up to 520 @ 18" height

Up to 840 @ 18" height

Up to 1320 @ 18" height


Full White + Infrared

Full White + Infrared

Full White + Infrared

Full White + Infrared

LED Brand:

Samsung LM 301B

Samsung LM 301B

Samsung LM 301B

Samsung LM 301B


120; 240

120; 240; 277

120; 240; 277

120; 240; 277


3 Years

3 Years

3 Years

3 Years

Warranty Info 

All Spider Farmer grow lights come with a 3 year warranty with local service centers in the US, CA, UK, DE and RU, as well as 30 day free return if there is some quality issue.


Is Spider Farmer a good grow light?

Spider Farmer grow lights feature modern design, efficient power consumption, and strong light intensity, making them a strong choice for indoor growing.

Are Spider Farmer grow lights a good price?

Spider Farmer grow lights are not the cheapest grow lights, but they’re priced very competitively considering what they offer. Spider Farmer grow lights are priced fairly.