Feature of Mars Hydro TS & SP Series White LED Grow Light

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Mars Hydro released two lines of led grow lights on 2019: the SP series and the TS series. They are very similar, both use mostly full-spectrum white LED diodes, with a mix of cool white and warm white, also with IR design. But they do have a few key differences.

Let’s take a look at each light in the SP and TS series, before we get into a more in-depth of each series.

Mars Hydro SP Series


Cooling System & Heat Dissipation

Both lights with no fan design, but the heat dissipation of SP series is better than TS Series.

Water Proof

SP Series is IP 65 Waterproof, TS can not.


TS: 2.2umol/J    Max yields:2g/W

SP: 2.7umol/J    Max Yields: 2.5g/W

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